Trip the light

Amy Petra Woodward

April 2015


With two divergent styles, but shared influences, Woodward and Edmunds take inspiration from the traditions of minimalism and the Light and Space movement of the 60’s and 70’s—using colour, surface and industrial materials or processes to create their sensory works and installations to tease and attract the eye’s attention. Behind this play with the senses, lies an exploration of one’s position in the world, how we see ourselves in it, what attracts us and what enables visibility.

Above Top left: Diana Edmunds. Kind of Pink. Wall mounted pink neon 108cm x 65cm x 20cm.  Above: Amy Petra Woodward  Red Dress, detail.

Amy Petra Woodward – Woodward’s practice centers on the concepts of display and spectatorship. For this exhibition she presents a set of works on reflective fabric. This fabric is coated in retro-reflective glass microspheres - developed in industry for its capacity to heighten visibility and awareness.  These works play with the demands on our attention and how images and objects capture our gaze. This moment of linked attraction and confrontation motivates much of her work, recurring in the printed images she selects.


Woodward graduated from The Royal Academy Schools in 2013 and previously studied at Camberwell College of Art, London. Solo exhibitions include Palazzo Peckham, Venice Biennale (2013), the Selina Chenevière Award solo exhibition at The Royal Academy (2014) and Chandelier projects (2015). She has completed a studio and research residency with Unilever and has works in both the Unilever and V22 Collections.


Diana Edmunds – Edmunds engages the process of interpreting and interacting with a space when creating an installation, looking for a counterpoint to the architectural language of the building which will complement its surroundings. Her work has developed through a fascination with light, using materials that transmit and reflect to alter and enhance the experience of a space, often employing the drama of colour for this purpose. Light is a performer, from the motion of delicately spun fibre optics, reflective playful surfaces, to the hard-edged trace of abstract neon lighting. For Edmunds light is symbolic in its associations with knowledge, darkness with the unknown. This symbolism inspires much of her work.


Edmunds graduated form Camberwell College of Art in 1995, and has since created many site specific installations and completed commissions for several major corporations, including Dyson Pfizer BT Vodafone, and Land Securities, collaborating with architects Sheppard Robson, Wilkinson Eyre and Fletcher Priest.  Exhibitions include Canary Wharf, The RIBA, The Science Museum London, the Royal Academy and the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester.  Her work is also in private collections.

Left: Amy Petra Woodward. Red Dress Part 4.  UV finished ink on super black reflective stretch fabric, unframed 150 x 70cm

Right: Diana Edmunds. Falling.  8 mirrored trapezoidal shapes suspended by stainless steel cable with stainless steel weights 2.8 metres long mirrored shapes

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