Draw/Bridge, Zug/Brücke

A Drawing Exhibition from berlin to london


Alex Dewart: Curator and exhibiting artist







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Part 1 : Berlin, March 2017, Remise Galerie, Beusselstrasse

Part 2 : London,  August 2017, Arthouse1, Bermondsey


While bridge is always used in a positive context, drawbridge has more resonances. A drawbridge may provide protection but inevitably introduces the idea of threat. It is often used as a metaphor for defence against a perceived danger.

The German word for drawbridge is Zugbrücke. The word Zug is used mostly for train, but can also mean; the stroke of a pen.

The artists have responded in many forms; preparatory;  a proposal; a modesty of materials; a trial; lines ; tone; sometimes colour sometimes not. Marks on a surface; marks around a surface; marks through a surface. Sculpture, performance, animation.

Tension prevails- are things hanging together or pulling away?


Alex Dewart writes; ‘‘Since the Millenium the footbridge has been a popular way of celebrating the coming together of different parts of a city. In Berlin a footbridge across the Berlin-Spandau Ship canal, joins what was East to West. In Derry, the Peace Bridge brings the Bogside and the Waterside areas together, communities in conflict during the Troubles. In London the Millennium Bridge leads visitors from traditional London, St Pauls Cathedral, across the river to Tate Modern. It’s almost a physically embodiment of the aim of the German Expressionists movement, Die Brücke – “to symbolise the link or bridge to art of the future’’.


Dewart’s original title was simply Bridge/Brücke. However following last year’s Brexit vote, she was struck by how many times the phrase ‘Drawbridge’ was used by commentators.



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