Exhibitions Coming UP



Make a Mark

Barry Bliss (Author/photographer)

Curated by Paul Carey-Kent and Rebecca Fairman

Featuring 10 Female London Artists:

Katrina Blannin, Jane Bustin, Rebecca Byrne,

Claudia Carr, Emma Cousin, Sharon Drew,

Roxana Halls, Selma Parlour, Carol Robertson

and Yukako Shibata


Is Art Lonely?

Live performance by Filippos Tsitsopoulos

One night Only



Curated by Alex Dewart

Draw/Bridge, Zug/Brücke, A Drawing Exhibition


Something Borrowed

Curated by Jane Boyer and Rebecca Fairman

ARTISTS: Hermione Allsop, Susan Francis,

Ruth Franklin, Sarah Gilham, Hannah Honeywell,

Mindy Lee, Alex March, Kate Murdoch, Lisa Snook, Jacqueline Utly and Andrea Wright


Ruth Dupré


Jane Ponsford and Gemma Cossey


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